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Sheep's Clothing

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{A small shop with a BIG inventory}



Maldives Striped A-Line Swing Pullover

Yarn: MC)Maldives #13-6(7,8,9,10)/50gr.
  CC)Maldives #7-3(3,4,4,5)/50gr.
Size: 37(41,45,49,53)"
  6" wider at bottom for swing.
Gauge: 16sts x 20rws=4" #9
Maldives & Blink Checkerboard Bordered V-Pullover

Yarn: Blink #902-4(4,5,5)/50gr.
  Maldives #2-5(6,7,8)/50gr.
Size: S(M,L,XL)
Gauge: 16sts=4" #9


Maldives & Alfa Mitered Lace Cardigan

Yarn: Maldives #12-6(7,8,9,10)/50gr.
  Alfa #67-2(2,3,3,4)/100gr.
Size: S(M,L,XL,1X)
Gauge: 16sts=4" #9

Maldives, Heavenly & Blink Cape

Yarn: Maldives #13-4(5,6)/50gr.
  Heavenly #2154-3(3,4)/50gr.
  Blink #2109-3(3,4)/50gr.
Size: 40(46,52)" Bust
Gauge: 16sts=4" #9


Maldives & Heavenly Reverse Striped Dart Swing Cardigan

Yarn: Maldives #16-7(8,9,10)/50gr.
  Heavenly #2158-3(3,4,5)/50gr.
Size: 37(42,47,52)"
  6" wider at hip for swing.
Gauge: 16sts x 20rows=4"

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