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Sheep's Clothing

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Bellatrista Weaving Threads - Undyed

  • Milk Yarns. As featured in Interweave Handwoven Magazine, this is our most popular weaving yarn. It produces strong, silky fabrics with glossy sheen and beautiful drape. You can use either acid or fiber-reactive dyes. Now available in two weights:
    • 24Nm/4. 100g = 600m. ~3000ypp. Sold in 225g (half-pound) cones.
    • 16Nm/4. 100g = 400m. ~2000ypp. Sold in 225g (half-pound) cones.
  • Soy Yarn. Sustainable, renewable, 100 percent soy produces incredibly soft fabrics. Takes acid or fiber-reactive dyes, but we recommend cold water dyes (the fiber is heat-sensitive).
    • 20Nm/4. 100g = 500m. ~2500 ypp). Sold in 225g (half-pound) skeins or cones.
  • Banana Yarn. Bast fiber from banana has a slightly stiff hand that produces structured fabrics, much like linen. It's great for housewares or decorative weaves. Or, use a banana warp with a soy or pineapple weft for a more wearable fabric.
    • 16Nm/4. 100g = 400m. ~2000ypp. Sold in 225g (half-pound) cones.
  • Banana Blend. Blending with 50 percent of a soft fiber--Tencel®, viscose from pineapple or cotton, for example—tames the coarseness of the banana and adds a bit of polish to the finished fabric.We offer a rotating selection of banana blends. Call for availability.
    • 10Nm/2. 100g = 500m. ~2500ypp.Sold in 225g (half-pound) cones.
  • Milk-Wool Blend. Blending with 50 percent merino wool and spinning to a heavier ply gives our classic milk yarn a more substantial feel. It dyes darker, with less sheen, while maintaining a soft drape.
    • 16Nm/4. 100g=400m. ~2000ypp. Sold in 225g (half-pound) cones or skeins.
  • Bamboo Yarn.  Our 100 percent bamboo produces breathable, cool fabrics with a beautiful drape. Dyes easily with fiber-reactive dyes.
    • 32Ne/3x3x2. 100g = 330m. ~1600 ypp. Half-pound skeins or cones.

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