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Knotty, Naughty Knitters Club: Virtual Membership

Judith Wise Memorial Library

The purpose of the Friday Group is to keep Judie’s Friday Class getting together and meeting at the shop on a regular basis. Tom has been a semi-regular attendee and enjoys visiting and reminiscing with the Naughty Knitters. Either 1 or more, Jeanne, Tish & Liz will be in attendance each week to facilitate help like a cross between Judie’s project classes and our drop-in help/social table. There will be a Ravelry thread in our group for everyone to share their stories, projects and whatnot. Members will get a membership card and other perks to be announced at a later date.

Membership dues are to fund the Judith Wise Memorial Library. We are turning the enclosed classroom space into a library to remember Judy and to pass on her vast knowledge. We already have Gail Dickerson’s personal library, that had been given to Judy when she passed last year, for the memorial library. Diana Meyer donated custom redwood cabinetry to the library, but we need them installed and counter tops. There will be a portrait of Judy with a plaque of the donors names, including Gail. All the books will have custom bookplates as well. We intend to gift Tom the raised funds for the library when we finish the project.

To just donate to the Judith Wise Memorial Library Fund, you can send money via paypal to

Judie had knitted (and crocheted) since she was 3.  In her extensive experience and expertise, she had knitted for many well known designers and has had her knitting featured in books,magazines and individual patterns.  Judie also designed knitwear herself and her pattern line is called judieknitting (still exclusively available at Sheep’s).  She had been very valuable at Sheep’s Clothing through the years, first talked into  teaching by Jimalee (Sheep’s original owner and still a customer). Judie had over 16 years of experience teaching people to knit and learn new techniques especially socks at Sheep’s.

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