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Sheep's Clothing

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WanderKnit - Destination Bag & Pattern Kits

Where did we traveling first?

Our first destination is the region of Holland!  Located in the Netherlands, this culturally rich maritime territory is known for its coastal dunes, colorful tulip fields, captivating windmills, and much more.

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After a successful journey through Holland, our next destination is the mountainous country of Bhutan. Located in the Himalayas of Asia, this wondrous country is known for its natural beauty, rich traditions, Buddhist culture, and much more! Bhutan is also ranked as one of the happiest places in the world!

Get a Butan kit pricing here

Then, we traveled to Morocco. Featuring Madrona, our three patterns pull from architectural and cultural aspects found throughout the country. 

Get a Morocco kit pricing here.

Our next destination is Patagonia!

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