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Mindfulness Collection by Knitter's Pride

Just Arrived! > Mindfulness Collection by Knitter's Pride
Imagine being free of all concerns.
Imagine not feeling overwhelmed, anxious or distracted.
Imagine feeling at rest while awake.
It may sound like a dream available only to the very young, but the fact is that everyone of us has the power to make this a reality.
It's achieved with a highly enjoyable habit called Mindfulness or Mindful Meditation.
Mindfulness is the non-judgemental awareness of our mind, our body and our world - in the moment.

It means we let go of the past and not race ahead into the future. It enables us to look, kindly and with acceptance, at the present.

It gives us the gift of quiet time.

Perhaps that is why knitting is the
perfect path to Mindful Meditation.

As knitters, we enjoy using all three:

We begin with Intention: To Create

We pay Attention: To hands, patterns & materials

We develop Attitude: Acceptance

When accompanied by a steady in/out flow of breath, we achieve a serenity that is mindful in the moment. Measurement of time drops away and the knitter is free to simply be one with the process.

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Blocking Mats - NEW COLOR!

$34.95 - $39.95

Knit Blockers - NEW COLOR!

$28.95 - $29.95

MIndful Collection Project Bags - NEW!

$19.95 - $39.95

Mindful Double Pointed Needle Sets

$59.95 - $64.95

Mindful Fixed Circular Needle Sets

$67.95 $84.95

Mindful Interchangeable Cords - NEW!

$3.95 - $4.95

Mindful Interchangeable Sets - NEW!

$87.95 $109.95

Mindful Interchangeable Tips

$10.95 - $189.95

Mindful Lace Circulars - NEW!

$10.95 - $16.95

Mindful Rainbow Folding Scissors - NEW!


Mindful Retractable Tape Measure - NEW!


Mindful Sterling Silver Notions - NEW!


Mindful Stitch Markers - NEW!

$11.95 - $14.95

Mindful Wooden Darning Needles - NEW!


Row Counter Clicky - NEW COLOR!


Row Counter Ring - NEW COLOR!


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