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Slim & Light Yet Strong & Secure. Why settle for flimsy bag hangers? Our Clipa is specially made to hold heavier bags. It safely supports up to 33 lbs. and can endure up to 10 years of wear. Yet it weighs just 1.6 ounces and measures less than 1/2 inch across! Just attach your Clipa to your bag strap, where it will always be right at hand. Easy to use thanks to its patented spring-closing design, this sure-grip hanger attaches in seconds. Simply open one end & hang. When you're done, tug on your strap, and Clipa will slide back & snap shut. Attaches practically anywhere. Clipa opens extra-wide, so it fits many more places. Use it to hang your bag on: tables, walls, movie theater seats, restroom stall walls and doors, cart handles, ledges & railings & more. You can even clip this versatile hanger to your car's passenger-seat headrest. So, when you hit your brakes, your bag will stay put, without spilling its contents everywhere! Plus, Clipa will also work for your backpack, tote, or business bag. Sleek & sophisticated. Made of strong triple-plated alloy. 

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