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Laura Bellows -- Designer & Owner of JUL, was trained as an anthropologist at the University of Virginia. She earned a PhD in cultural anthropology in 2003 based on two years of field research in Bali, Indonesia. Her research-adventure in Bali allowed me to develop relationships with the people and the culture that were essential for my founding of JUL in 2007 and which remain so to the present day.  Her son Julian, who has accompanied me on nearly all of my overseas travels (starting at age one and a half!) and counts Bali as his second home, first designed for JUL when he was still in middle school.  Now 21 and attending art school, his contribution to new design-development has proved critical, especially on our most recent product development trip back to Bali 

Agus Astradhi--Designer and Co-Owner of JUL, was trained at the Arts University in Bali as a painter and designer. Upon graduation he created jewelry designs for the world famous Balinese jewelry company Suarti. He worked as a free-lance jewelry designer and graphic artist before joining to found JUL in 2007.  

JUL works with skilled metal and wood-workers in Indonesia.  Giving them their custom designs for execution and then work closely and collaboratively to develop these pieces into JUL products.  The artisans we work with establish their own prices for each piece we contract with them to make.  We do not try to bargain their prices lower.



Penacular Shawl Pins

Shawl Pins

Metal Clasps

Leather Closures

Bag Feet




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Alhambra Lace Pin

$32.50 $39.95

Baroque Beetle Shawl Pin


Cordoba Flat Oval Ring Closure

$29.50 $34.95

Cordoba Tiny Round Ring Closure

$29.50 $34.95

Filigree Honeybee Clasps

$32.50 $36.95

Filigree Honeybee Penannular Brooch

$32.50 $36.95

Filigree Monarch Butterfly Penannular Brooch

$32.50 $36.95

Filigree Monarch Clasps

$31.95 $36.95

Filigree Rings

$29.95 $37.95

Flat Purse Rings

$2.95 $4.50

Floating Buttonhole


Floral Relief Pedestal Buttons

$9.95 - $11.95

Gelato Bag Feet

$1.95 $3.50

Half-Round Bag Feet

$1.85 $1.95

JUL - Patterns

$6.95 $7.95

JUL Colors Bag Feet

$1.95 $2.95

Lava Flow Cowl

$6.95 $7.95

Leather Pedestal Button

$7.90 $8.25

Marrakech Clasp

$32.50 $36.95

Minimalist Toggle

$27.95 $29.95

Naturals Wood Button

$2.95 - $6.95

Naturals Wood Pedestal Button

$6.95 $8.95

Noire Shawl Pin

$59.95 $67.95

Paisley Bridge Closure

$39.95 $46.50

Patent Leather Pedestal Buttons

$8.25 - $8.95

Pearlescent Penannular Brooch


Pentagon Spiral Shawl Pin

$19.95 $23.95

Resin Pedestal Button

$3.95 $6.95

Runa Penannular Brooch

$32.50 $36.95

Spiral Bridge Closure


Swirls Bridge Closure

$44.95 $46.50

The Lock Toggle Closure

$29.50 $36.95

Turquoise Shawl Stck


Waterfall Shawl Pin

$31.95 $36.95

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